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We The People Consulting / The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah


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Must have either a BS/BA (or higher) degree in Public Health Administration and or Human Services or related field and a minimum of 5 years in a supervisory position, OR 10 years’ experience in Tribal Administration with 7 years of supervisory experience in managing a health and or human services department, clinic or facility providing direct services to a Tribal population of over 1,000 eligible citizens, preferably in a Self-Governance environment. Demonstrated experience in securing, administrating and overseeing HHS, IHS and DOE appropriations and grants. Must have a full understanding of, or willingness to learn, the principals and regulations pertaining to the Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975 (Public Law 93-638) and P.L. 103-413 - (Self-Determination Act Amendments, Title I, and Self Governance Permanent Authorization, Title II; of October 25, 1994,) and their application to Tribal programs and services

Preferred Qualifications: Advanced Degree in the areas of Public Health, Social Services or any related field which would prepare an individual to perform the duties of the position. 10 Years-experience working in a Self-Governance environment. Successful grant writing experience. Complete direct service program development experience.

Compensation Package Includes:

Salary Range: $75K-$85K

Generous Paid Time Off Accruals

Generous Insurance Benefit Package

Generous 401 K Retirement Package

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah Practices Tribal and Indian Preference In Hiring



Duties And Responsibilities:



General - Service Administrators are a professional executive level of management designed to coordinate and consolidate like or similarly situated areas of services; to better identify and meet the needs of the Tribal Community. This consolidation of similar areas of service will serve to eliminate the siloed culture and climate, and fosters better interdepartmental collaboration to maximize resources and mitigate duplicative efforts. This consolidation will also enhance the concept and execution of the wrap-around service approach and will help provide departmental and inter departmental cooperation and accountability for grant application submissions and successful awarding, reporting, compliance and closeouts based upon shared goals and objectives; to better meet the needs of the Tribal Community.

The Direct Services Division - Provides direct financial support programs and services to Tribal Members. This division will provide coordination and consolidation of all direct services to Tribal Members. This division works in concert with the Indirect Services Division and the Finance and Fiscal Compliance Division to guarantee that the concept of Self Governance is the foundational and principal perspective of each service, and each program is utilizing as many resources as possible in compliance with applicable financial or grant conditions.

Direct Services Administrator – Under the direction of the Chief of Staff (COS) (or Tribal Council Designee), the Direct Services Administrator (DSA) will provide professional level leadership and oversight of the Health, Social Services, Education and Cultural Resources Departments’ daily operations, strategic planning, communication and implementation plans and budget formulation, monitors regulatory and legislative updates impacting direct service areas of responsibility, and provides support for the respective Advisory Committees. The Direct Services Administrator will also develop internal and external partnerships, seek out additional resources to support the Tribe’s overall goals and departmental missions, provides updates and will develop and conduct trainings where necessary.

Direct services are provided to all eligible Tribal Members depending upon the area and scope of the grants and or annually funded programs. The DSA will be responsible for ensuring all ongoing and new grant procurement and deliverables are executed in compliance with all grant conditions and applicable Tribal and Federal Laws, statutes and regulations. The DSA will utilize their knowledge, skills and abilities to bring subject matter expertise to assist in the long and short-term development of additional, expanded or enhanced programs and services to meet the General Membership’s needs. The incumbent will work closely with the Chief of Staff and/or other Administrators to develop new and innovative ways in which to meet the ever changing and expanding needs of the Tribal Community. The incumbent should have the ability to utilize their skillsets to thoroughly analyze situations, pin-point challenges, and apply critical and diagnostic problem-solving methodologies to develop sound and practical solutions. Incumbent should also have the ability to employ teambuilding and collaboration skills to create an open, friendly and inter-supportive environment to foster the creation of new and innovative ideas, programs and services.


Reports to: The Chief of Staff (COS) and or Tribal Council Designee

Primary Duties:

• Manage and supervise the subordinate staff of the Health Department, Social Services Department, Education Department and Cultural Resources Department

• Learn and enforce all Tribal laws, ordinances, policies, procedures and rules generally applicable and specifically related to the responsibilities of the areas of service

• Periodically review and evaluate each program and service currently offered for its effectiveness and efficiency, and provide written reports to the COS and Tribal Council

• Explore and evaluate additional programs and services that may be incorporated into the direct services portfolio offered to our Tribal Members

• Build interactive and inter-supportive teams and coalitions of subordinate staff, administrative peer staff and their teams to best serve the needs of the Tribal Community

• Ensure the consistent pursuit of ongoing and new grant and funding opportunities, identify solicited and unsolicited funding opportunities, evaluate them for appropriateness and bring recommendations to the COS and Tribal Council for approvals and submissions

• Ensure compliance with all grant and funding obligations

• Collect and analyze data relative to the programs and services provided to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs, offer suggestions for improvements or modifications

• Develop life skills training programs to assist Tribal Members in learning personal financial management, household budgeting, parenting skills, resume building and employment interviewing skills

• Create a listing and process for accessing alternative federal, state and local assistance programs to precede and or supplement Tribal assistance programs

• Ensure Tribal Members are receiving all available services for which they are eligible

• Performs outreach and education for Tribal Members

• Prepares monthly reports and attends meetings of the Tribal Council

• Prepares quarterly Reports for the General Membership and when requested attend meetings of the General Membership

• When requested attend consultations with Tribal, federal, state and local agencies and or governments • Evaluate administrative functions and develop an Office Desk Manual for day-to-day operations • Cultivates staff skills to create career path plans for subordinate staff

• All other duties that may be assigned

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