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Housing Director, Little Shell Tribal Housing Department

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Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana


Great Falls, MT

Skills And Qualifications:

Qualification Requirements

Minimum Training and Experience – Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business management or similar field, and three years of relevant experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Knowledge – Considerable knowledge of housing development; understanding of housing construction and contracting; understanding of leveraging funds to build capacity; working knowledge of property management and real estate; working knowledge of applicable federal agency policies and procedures including the Native

American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act and federal programing under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Skills – Skills in supervisory roles as well as administrative and management practices/procedures; demonstrated skills of budgeting and accounting; must have superb organizational skills.

Abilities – Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; ability to function in a culturally diverse environment; ability to maintain a liaison with other local housing authorities; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Necessary Special Requirements – Must possess a valid driver’s license and have no alcohol related convictions for the last three years. Must be able to travel out of area for training and conferences.

Client Service Skills – Must possess superb client service skills and be able to effectively communicate with clients about Little Shell Tribal Housing Department

Conditions of Employment

Candidates must be able to pass a drug test at the time of hire and throughout employment.

Candidates must pass a criminal background check at the time of hire and periodically throughout employment.

Candidates must possess a valid driver’s license and meet insurability requirements of the Tribe.

Indian Preference

The position is subject to the Little Shell Tribe’s Indian Preference Policy.

Required Education:

Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business management or similar field, and three years of relevant experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Duties And Responsibilities:


This position consists of supervisory, administrative and management of housing development, assistance and other housing-related activities for the Little Shell Tribal Housing Department.

The following information is not intended to be an all-inclusive or restrictive list of qualifications or job expectations.

Program Management & Responsibilities

Directs, manages and supervises the programming and operations of the Little Shell Tribal Housing Department, which includes the development, management, and maintenance of housing units; oversight of financial housing assistance programming; monitoring housing rehabilitation repairs; and oversight of additional housing related programming.

Attends Tribal Council meetings, as directed, and provides an up-to-date Tribal Housing Department report on programming and budgetary updates; prepares any proposed plans, amendments, and policies for the review and approval of Tribal Council; and maintains official records of housing related actions.   

Administers all Department activities and develops appropriate operating procedures; supervises staff to ensure the Department follows established policies; monitors tasks and assignments in accordance with all policies and procedures.

Directs all aspects and stages of the development of new housing construction and modernization projects; serves as the contracting officer for all related contracts if so appointed by Tribal Council.

Cooperates with all officials and agencies concerned with the development and management of tribal housing; promotes an understanding of housing programs among all members of the Tribe. Encourages efficient utilization of all resources available to the Department; seeks to meet community needs. Develops and maintains appropriate plans for Department activities to provide an adequate supply of new housing and maintain existing housing to meet the goals as set forth in the Tribe’s Indian Housing Plan.

Collaborates with all Little Shell tribal departments and programs on the shared mission and goal of providing services to tribal members. Works to find synergies across tribal programming in order to bring together different department where possible to provide a broader and more effective range of services for tribal members. Effective collaboration drives the success of the Tribe, its programming, and its tribal members.

Engages in national and regional level organizations to better understand and have input into housing and community development issues that affect the Tribe. Ensures Little Shell Tribe’s positions on national and regional housing issues are promoted and understood.

Fiscal Management & Responsibilities

Submits requests for funding to Tribal, State, Federal, and other entities as directed.

Maintains and reviews all Housing Department operating and programming budgets. Monitors all financial activities with the assistance of the Director of Operations and finance department. Proposes to the Tribal Council on any amendments to budgets for planning revisions or proper balances.

Manages the submission, with the assistance of the Director of Operations and finance department, of all required federal financial reports including SF-425 reports, NAHASDA annual performance reports, and federal audit reports.

Consistent with the Tribe’s procurement policy, approves all purchases, changes, invitations to bid and other Department obligations of funds. Participates in the award contracts after reviewing bids.

Explore opportunities to leverage funds to increase budgetary opportunities.

Supervision Received

This position reports directly to the Little Shell Tribal Council for approval of the establishment of programming, housing plans, policy development, and other complex decision-making. The Housing Director reports to the Little Shell Director of Operations for daily administrative reporting and tasks. The Housing Director should be able to fully administer the functions and operations of the Tribal Housing Department subject to tribal policies and guidance and direction of Tribal Council. The position makes a variety of independent decisions (routine, non-routine, complex and non-complex) on a daily basis.

Supervision Exercised

The position functions as a program supervisor providing full program supervision and performing supervisory duties such as evaluating employee performance consistent with the Tribe’s personnel policy, identifying training needs, recommending personnel actions and invoking discipline for an eventual staff of several personnel. The position is also responsible for oversight and supervision of contract personnel as they perform various duties for the Tribal Housing Department such as: housing construction, home repairs, lawn maintenance and other housing related activities as established by approved housing programming and projects.

Working Relationships

Relationships are typically with Tribal, State and Federal officials, clients, individuals in other agencies and tribal departments and the general public for the purpose of providing information and assistance, resolving conflicts, solving problems, and providing services.

Working Conditions & Location

Office and shop environments with exposure to common hazards and normal effort required. Position spends a considerable amount of time in the office managing and overseeing all housing programs. The position will require driving to and from construction work sites. The Housing Director will also have to travel to Tribal, State, Federal regional and national housing meetings and conferences. The position will be located in Great Falls, Montana at the Little Shell Tribal Headquarters.

Salary And Benefits:

Based on Experience

Contact Info:

Qualified candidates must submit the following materials to A. Resume B. Cover Letter C. Salary Expectations or History Any questions should be directed to the following

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