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Paralegal/Office Administrator

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Native American Rights Fund (NARF)


Washington D.C.

Skills And Qualifications:


• Minimum of two (2) to three (3) years of relevant, practical work experience, preferably at the federal court level.

• Paralegal certificate from an ABA accredited program preferred.

• Strong computer skills including working knowledge of all Microsoft Office and Adobe products.

• User experience with litigation management software such as Concordance, IPRO, eScan-IT, Relativity, Classic Suite, Eclipse SE, and/or Worldox. Strong organizational skills and familiarity with document management within litigation management software. Ability to perform database administration with additional training.

• Excellent oral and written communications skills and the ability to read, write, spell, punctuate, and use appropriate grammar in order to accurately perform assigned tasks. Ability to provide information and assistance with courtesy and tact. Interpersonal skills necessary to communicate and follow instructions effectively from a diverse group of people, including reporting back to attorneys upon completion of a job undertaken at their request.

• User experience with operating office equipment, including a printer, copier, scanner, fax machine, PC computer (desktop and laptop), and computer projector. Strong sense of familiarity with trouble-shooting small issues with office equipment.

• Ability to work independently, multi-task and prioritize assignments, work under time constraints, and occasionally work overtime on short notice.

• Familiarity with making state and federal court document filings, including ECF and other electronic filings.

• Ability to retrieve and distribute boxes or office supplies weighing up to 20 pounds, and ability retrieve and replace same objects from shelves of up to 6 feet high.

Duties And Responsibilities:

SUMMARY: The Native American Rights Fund (NARF) handles a broad range of matters in federal, state, and tribal courts, agencies, and legislatures as well as at the international level. NARF is looking for a Paralegal/Office Administrator in the Washington, D.C. office. As a Paralegal, this individual will provide multiple attorneys with whatever litigation, administrative, and clerical support is required. Paralegals coordinate and manage all manner of cases and matters, including in all phases of the litigation process, from the pre-filing process through the discovery period, trial, post-trial findings and appeals. As an Office Administrator, this individual will be responsible for all aspects of D.C. office administration and events.


• Responsible for large-scale management of hard copy and electronic documents including, but not limited to, organization, production, formatting, redacting, photocopying, scanning, Bates labeling, review, and transmission of files.

• Prepare, review, and analyze documents for and in response to production requests; categorize documents by subject; prepare a chronology of facts; make charts; perform calculations and statistical analyses; and review documents and transcripts for specific references.

• Perform legal research and factual research as directed using Westlaw/Westcheck and other web-based and hard copy resources, which may include written and telephonic inquiries, and library research.

• Assist with preparation of pleadings, motions, briefs, and other documents for use in trial and appellate courts, administrative agencies, or other venues. Format documents according to relevant court rules; proofread and perform Bluebook and pinpoint citation checks; create tables of contents and tables of authorities; prepare exhibits, attachments, and appendices; and finalize documents for the filing and serving in hard copy and/or through electronic filing systems. Communicate with clerks of court and familiarize self with applicable rules, as necessary.

• Responsible for all aspects of discovery and trial support including gathering and organizing documents, attending meetings, preparing exhibits, taking notes, photocopying, and scanning, ensuring the availability of necessary documents and supplies, and running trial presentation equipment and software.

• Digest transcripts to summarize highlights of a proceeding.

• Provides legal support for Tribal Supreme Court Project, including posting docket sheets, briefs, transcripts, and opinions on Tribal Supreme Court Project website; preparing summaries of conference calls for distribution to workgroups; and updating lower court case summaries. Prepares binders and Power Points.

• Provides support for D.C. legislative and policy work including scheduling meetings with congressional and agency offices, organizing, and editing documents, liaising with tribal officials.

• Prepare meeting materials and presentations on a variety of subject matters as directed using software such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

• Maintains regular physical presence in the DC office.

• Assisting with the planning and management of D.C. office meetings and fundraisers.

• Perform day-to-day administrative tasks such as calendaring, filing, expense reports, mail distribution, etc. Ensures that outgoing mail is timely processed; and arranges courier and overnight mail service, as necessary.

• Coordinate with off-site vendors to arrange meetings, including event space and catering needs as directed.

• Collaborate with accounting, development, IT, and reception departments, as well as the National Indian Law Library, to complete projects as assigned. Performs light network management as directed by IT support personnel.

• Responds to requests for information from Boulder staff and schedules use of the DC office by other NARF attorneys, as necessary.

• Coordinate with the property manager to ensure the completion of maintenance and repair requests and other building needs.

• Serve in backup capacity for other support staff responsibilities, as necessary.

• Acts as liaison between attorneys and law clerks with the IT support personnel (NARF-Boulder and local DC consultants); performs light network management as directed by IT support personnel; Responsible for maintaining all software and hardware in DC office.

• Screens telephone calls, records messages, and provides information requested by callers. Keeps attorneys apprised of any backup requirements.

Salary And Benefits:

$88,968 to $126,613.

Contact Info:

Submit via email a cover letter, complete resume, and three references to: Sarah Palacios Director of Human Resources and Office Administration Native American Rights Fund

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