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Executive Director

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Indian Center Inc.


Lincoln, NE

Skills And Qualifications:


- Bachelor’s degree in social services, business, or a related field.

- Experience in non-profit or tribal administration or business management.

- Experience working with the Native American community.

- Experience in resource development (grant writing, fundraising, etc.) related to human services, community, and economic development; from government and non-government sources.

- Strong leadership, communication, and public speaking skills.

- Must pass a criminal background check.


- Degree in social services, business, or related field.

- Familiarity with corporate subsidiary development and related legal considerations.

- Familiarity with employment law, basic accounting principles, and budget development.

- Experience in non-profit administration and management; development, and public administration.

- Understanding of relevant technological innovation, applications, implementation, and utilization.

- Experience with culturally distinct populations.

Duties And Responsibilities:

BASIC FUNCTION: Develop, plan, and administer human services, housing, and economic development programs and facilities; in accordance with the agency mission and policies, and funding source conditions. Administer financial, personnel, and physical resources. Interpret, and respond to trends in human services, economic, and community development needs of clientele.


- Provide the Indian Center agency with quality direction and administration consistent with the mission, policies, funding source requirements, and community needs, norms, and values.

- Ensure and maintain adequate funding for new and continuing programs.

- Ensure the financial and management stability of the organization.

- Supervise and evaluate program directors and support staff.

- Ensure implementation of and adherence to the Indian Center’s policies and procedures.

- Ensure that quality client services are provided by all Indian Center programs.

- Maintain effective communications with the Board of Directors, community partners, and the public.

- Develop and recommend to the Board of Directors long and short-range strategies and goals for programs and services.

- Develop, maintain, review, and recommend changes in agency programs, policies, and procedures.

- Maintain communication with relevant agencies and community human service planning efforts.

- Interpret trends in social service provision and community development to the Board of Directors and staff by maintaining involvement in the relevant professional fields at local, state, and national levels.

- Develop culturally specific programming.

Salary And Benefits:

$60,000 - $70,000

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