White House Tribal Nations Summit 2012

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Date: Dec 4, 2012 - Dec 5, 2012

Where: White House- Washington, DC

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The 4th Annual White House Tribal Nations Summit will be held on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012. During the Summit, tribal leaders from across the nation will once again convene in Washington, DC to discuss key tribal priorities with high-level members of the Obama administration.

As in past years, NCAI will co-host a Tribal Leaders Prepatory Meeting on Tuesday, December 4th from 5-7pm. The meeting will be at the Four Points Sheraton. NCAI will also host a tribal leader prepatory teleconference on Friday, November 30th at 1pm Eastern to assist tribal leaders in preparing for the Summit. 

The Tribal Nations Summit continues to serve as one of the leading forums for direct and substantive dialogue between tribal leaders and key administration officials. The voice of every tribal nation is crucial in this dialogue and we hope you will join us in the nation's capital for this important opportunity.

For questions about the White House Tribal Nations Summit itself, or to RSVP, please go to: www.whitehouse.gov/tribalnationsconference 

For a recap of last year's meeting and to review the 2011 tribal leader's briefing book, please visit the 2011 Tribal Leaders Conference Event Page on NCAI.org. 


Schedule of Events for the 4th Annual White House Tribal Nations Summit
White House events, NCAI sponsored meetings, receptions, agency, and legislative events.

Briefing Papers

Framing Paper: Our Nation-To-Nation Relationship: Security and Prosperity for Tribal Nations and the United States
A framing paper that outlines transformative priorities for the President and priorities during the Lame Duck session.

Papers of Relevance to All Breakout Sessions

Papers Relevant to Specific Breakout Sessions

The remaining papers are grouped by the breakout options offered by the White House:

1.     Governance and the Nation-to-Nation Relationship

2.     Law Enforcement/Disaster Relief

3.     Healthcare/Education/Youth

4.     Economic Development/Housing/Infrastructure

5.     Cultural Protection/Natural Resources/Environment

 Briefing Packets from our Regional Intertribal Partners