2013 AFN Annual Convention

Date: Oct 24, 2013 - Oct 26, 2013

Where: Fairbanks, AK

2013 AFN Annual Convention Traditional Native Family Values Thursday, October 24, 2013 morning session 8:00 AM Call to Order: AFN Co-Chairs; Albert Kookesh & Ralph Andersen Recognition of Major Sponsors (list out names) Invocation: TBA Introduction of Parliamentarian: Patrick Anderson (confirmed) Introduction of Sergeant at Arms: TBA 8:05 Posting of Colors Honor Guard: Benno Cleveland, Alaska Native Veterans Association (confirmed) Entrance March of Alaska Native Veterans & Service Members National Anthem: 8:25 Welcome from the Interior Community Introductions: Aaron Schutt, Doyon, Limited (not confirmed) Jerry Isaac, Tanana Chiefs Conference (confirmed) First Traditional Chief - Don Honea, Sr., Ruby (confirmed) Welcome Remarks Honorable Luke Hopkins, Mayor, Fairbanks North Star Borough (not confirmed) Honorable Jerry Cleworth, Mayor, City of Fairbanks (confirmed) Honorable Bryce Ward, Mayor, City of North Pole (not confirmed) 9:00 Governor’s Address – Honorable Sean Parnell, Governor of Alaska (not confirmed) 9:20 Alaska Congressional Delegation: TBA 9:40 AFN President’s report – Julie Kitka 10:10 Presentation of Citizen of the Year & Denali Awards 10:20 Keynote Address: Nelson Angapak, Alaska Native Distinguished leader 10:50 AFN Leadership Response to Keynote: TBD 11:00 AFN/NCAI Tribal Conference Report – Edward Thomas 11:10 Youth and Elders Conference Report – FAI 11:30 Recess for lunch Thursday, October 24, 2013 afternoon session 1:00PM Dance group: TBA 1:30 Call to Order/Announcements 1:35 Preliminary Credentials report – Chair of AFN Credentials Committee 1:40 2013-2014 AFN Chair Nominations 1:45 Guest Speaker: Representative - National Council of La Raza Clarissa Martinez de Castro (confirmed) 2:00 Guest Speaker: Jodi Gillette, Senior Policy Advisor on Native American Affairs, White House Domestic Policy Council (not confirmed) Taped Message: Secretary of Interior Sally Jewel (not confirmed) 2:30 Alaska Congressional Delegation Address: TBA 2:50 Theme Speaker: Jerry Isaac, President, Tanana Chiefs Conference 3:00 Special Guest Speaker: Vincent J. Felitti, M.D. (convention) 3:15 Moderated discussion on traditional Native family values: TBD Questions and answers – Open microphone 5:00 Recess for the day Evening Activity Quyana Alaska I 7:00 to 11:00PM Friday, October 25, 2013 morning & afternoon session 8:00AM Dance group: TBA 8:30 Call to Order/Announcements 8:40 Alaska Congressional Delegation: TBA 8:55 Candidate (s) for 2013-2014 AFN Chairman Speeches 9:35 What’s Happening on the Federal & State Levels? Panel & Dialogue (or other format) Sequestration, hold harm-less, budgets etc State budgets Jerry Mackie (possible) Ed Thomas, President, Tlingit & Haida Central Council – federal budgets (confirmed) Representative Bryce Edgmon, Chair, Bush Caucus Alaska State Legislature (invited) Jackie Johnson, Executive Director, National Congress of American Indians (not confirmed) 11:30 Recess for lunch 1:00 PM Call to Order Announcements 1:05 Final Credentials Report 1:10 Special Convention Report: William Martin, Chair Representative Ben Nagiak, Member State Suicide Prevention Council (confirmed) 1:25 Subsistence Report & Dialogue Rosita Worl, Chair, AFN Subsistence Committee Members of the AFN Subsistence Committee Resources people: Carol Daniels, AFN Counsel Heather Kendall-Miller (Pending), John “Sky” Starkey (Pending) Carol Brown (Pending) 4:00 BREAK INTO REGIONAL CAUCUSES (FOR REVIEW OF 2013 RESOLUTIONS) 5:00 Recess for the day Evening Activity Quyana Alaska II 7:00-11:00PM Saturday, October 26, 2013 morning & afternoon session 8:00 AM Dance group: TBA 8:30 Call to Order Announcements 8:35 Guest Speaker: Thomas Barrett, President, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company 8:45 AFN Election of Co-Chairs 9:15 Consideration of the 2013 Convention Resolutions: Greg Razo, Chair Members of the Resolutions Committee Debate and Voting on resolutions 12:00 Recess for lunch 2:00 Call to Order Announcements 2:05 Alaska Congressional Delegation: TBA 2:25 TBD 2:40 Presentation of AFN President’s Awards: Dr. Walter Soboleff “Warrior of Light”, presented by Rosita Worl. President Sealaska Heritage Center Culture Bearer, Della Keats “Healing Hands”, Eileen Panigeo MacLean Education, Elder of the Year, Glenn Godfrey Law Enforcement, Hannah Paul Solomon “Woman of Courage”, Health, Hunter-Fisher, Lu Young Youth Leadership, Parents Of the Year, Public Service, Roger Lang Youth Leadership, Small Business 3:40 Closing Remarks: Lance Twitchell, Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages, University of Alaska Southeast (pending) 3:55 Benediction: TBA 4:00 Convention Adjournment Evening Activity AFN Banquet 7:00 to 9:30PM