NIJC's Tribal Court Probation Juvenile Justice and Gangs

Date: Apr 13, 2016 - Apr 15, 2016

Where: Atlantis Casino Resort, Reno, NV

About the Event:

The National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) is pleased to announce the following training sessions for 2016. Please note that NIJC conducts two separate training sessions at each site. You can find more information at 

Juvenile Justice and Gang Issues

This session is designed for judges, clerks, advocates, police officers, case workers, probation officers, and others involved in tribal juvenile justice. This session examines a range of juvenile justice issues including an overview of juvenile justice systems, civil rights, roles in juvenile justice, gang violence, diversion programs, alternatives to incarceration, juvenile court case management, confidentiality of records and federal prosecution of major crimes. Participants will receive a comprehensive reference manual.

This training will examine:
? Overview of Juvenile Justice Issues in Indian Country
? Gang Violence in Indian Country
? Tribal Courts and Juvenile Justice
? ICRA and Juvenile Justice
? TLOA and Juvenile Justice Juvenile Court Case Management
? Confidentiality of Records
? The Role of Juvenile Probation Officers
? Diversion Programs and Alternatives to Incarceration

Tribal Court Probation
This training examines in detail the field of tribal court sentencing alternatives. It is designed to improve the skills of probation officers and to explore new sentencing methods. This training is for judges, probation officers (adult and juvenile), police officers and corrections staff. The training will also examine the proliferation of youth gangs in Indian country. Effective sentencing alternatives are vital to the operation of tribal courts. This training session explores a range of issues concerning tribal court operation: the evolution of tribal court systems, the essential components of tribal court probation, the evolution of juvenile justice, criminal procedures and the mandate of the Indian Civil Rights Act, diversion programs, sentencing alternatives, pre-sentence investigations and reports, probation hearings, probation orders and probation agreements, monitoring of probation, interaction with rehabilitation agencies, modification of probation, revocation of probation and release from probation. We will also examine the Tribal Law & Order Act of 2010. The best practices in the field are presented and the trainees participate actively in the training process. On the final day of the session, the trainees engage in exercises based upon sample case materials.

This training will examine:
? Update of Tribal Courts Today
? The Role of Tribal Court Probation
? Probation Orders and Monitoring
? Tribal Law & Order Act 2010
? Intake Procedures and Diversion Programs
? Indian Civil Rights Act
? Pre-sentence Investigations and Reports
? Sentencing Alternatives

For more information, please contact NIJC Training Coordinator Margaret Browne at 707-579-5507 or or visit the NIJC website at .