7th American Indian Teacher Education Conference

Date: Jun 17, 2016 - Jun 18, 2016

Where: Northern Arizona University College - Eastburn Education Building-Cline Library

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About the Event:

Northern Arizona University College of Education will host the 7th American Indian Teacher Education Conference June 17th and 18th in the Eastburn Education Building and the Cline Library. This conference for preschool, K-12, tribal, college, and university educators and concerned community members includes panels, workshops, and papers to share ideas for improving the lives and education of Indian children. Join your colleagues for two and a half days of career-empowering knowledge, practices, networking, and practical teaching solutions. The AIITEC Conference is designed with your specific needs in mind—providing strategies you can use immediately across all grade levels and subjects. NAU's College of Education has worked with Tribal Nations to improve the education of American Indian students for decades. It has hosted a variety of American Indian teacher and administrative preparation programs, including the well received Learn In Beauty program.

The 2016 Keynote Speakers are:
Tiffany S. Lee, a former high school social studies and language arts teacher, teaching at schools on the Navajo Nation and at the Santa Fe Indian School. In her research at UNM, she studies Native youth perspectives with regard to language reclamation and identity. She also investigates socio-culturally centered educational approaches for Native American students, which promote community-oriented goals, including language consciousness and language (re)activation among Native students.

Sharon Nelson-Barber directs the Culture & Language in STEM Education division of WestEd's Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) program. Her research centers on understanding how the sociocultural contexts in which students live influence the ways in which they make sense of schooling in mathematics and science. 

Choose from more the variety of sessions to custom-fit your professional learning and career growth. Session topics cover all subjects, including instructional strategies, engagement and motivation, lesson planning, assessment, leadership, professional learning, language immersion, school improvement planning and more!

$45 Registration includes lunch.

For more information contact:
Dr. Joseph Martin (Joseph.Martin@nau.edu, Phone: 928.523.5933) or
Dr. Jon Reyhner (Jon.Reyhner@nau.edu, Phone 928.523.0580).

We welcome vendors, for set-up and space contact:
Dr. Louise Lockard(Louise.Lockard@anu.eduphone 928.523.8218