Tribal Water Summit

Date: Aug 11, 2016

Where: Sho-Ban Hotel & Event Center, Fort Hall, Idaho

About the Event:

Tribal Water Summit
Managing Tribal Water in a New Era
The Western US is facing a new era of water challenges, whether it is dealing with drought, mitigating climate change, or dealing with realities of water use conflicts. Tribes are at the center of this challenge, holding large water rights and acting as local water managers. This summit brings together Tribal voices and subject-matter experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities that Tribes are facing. The summit will go beyond Tribal water right basics, and provide unique content on how Tribes are managing water in this new era.

Key Topics:
•Tribal water rights management and building water resources departments
•Contemporary issues in securing Tribal water rights and achieving settlements
•Success stories of Tribes marketing their water rights
•Perspectives on the future of Tribal water marketing in the Western U.S
A Unique Event For:
•Tribal leaders and water managers
•Western water managers and water policy practitioners
•Attorneys and engineers working with Tribes on water management issues
•Anyone interested in Tribal water management issues

Morning Session Agenda:
Tribal Water Management
9:00Introductions and Welcome
9:30Contemporary Issues in Tribal Water Rights Woldezion Mesghinna, NRCE
10:00Building Tribal Water Resources Departments
Elese Teton, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
Titus Takes Gun, Crow Water Dept.
Jim Manion, Warm Springs Power & Water
11:30Q&A and Discussion on Tribal Water Management Issues
12:00Break & Lunch (Provided)

Afternoon Session Agenda:
Tribal Water Marketing
1:00Future of Tribal Water Marketing
Brett Bovee, WestWater Research
Roger Fragua, Jemez Pueblo
1:30Examples of Tribal Water Marketing
Elese Teton, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
Another Tribal water marketing story
3:00Q&A and Discussion on Tribal Water Marketing Issues
3:30Concluding Remarks

Please register for the summit by July 15, 2016. There is no cost to attend, but registration helps us plan the event. To register, please visit the summit website at:

For any questions or inquiries about this summit, please contact the Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Water Resources Department:
Elese Teton –(208) 239-4580
Gail Martin –(208) 239-4583