Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition third annual Bears Ears

Date: Jun 8, 2017 - Jun 11, 2017

Where: Comb Wash, on Hwy 95 inside the new Bears Ears National Monument.

About the Event:

The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition third annual Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Gathering, to be held June 8-June 11, 2017, in Comb Wash, on Hwy 95 inside the new Bears Ears National Monument. We are asking that you stand with us, as Utah elected officials ask President Trump to take away something a sacred landscape we have worked hard to protect on behalf of everyone. As you may know, Bears Ears National Monument was proclaimed by President Obama on December 28, 2016, after years of petitioning by our Coalition — a partnership of the Hopi Tribe, Navajo Nation, Ute Indian Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute, and Zuni Pueblo —and local Native communities through Utah Diné Bikéyah. Bears Ears represents the successful petition by Tribes to set aside ancestral, public lands as a national monument. This land has been occupied by all of our Tribes in the past, and has been subject to looting and grave-robbing by local non-Native community members. The monument identifies traditional knowledge as essential to its management and provides a co-management role for tribal representatives. Unfortunately, the monument is now under threat from the Trump administration, with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke set to issue a “recommendation” on Bears Ears next week, which could include shrinking or even eliminating the monument. Your attendance at the Summer Gathering will send a strong message to the administration that Tribes from across the country are united in defending our sacred lands, our cultures, and in shielding the interests of fellow tribes from political attack. At the Summer Gathering, we will hold meaningful discussions about Tribal Sovereignty, traditional knowledge, and our right to clean air, water, and land in the current political climate. We will also discuss how elected Utah officials pose a unique threat to Native American Rights nationwide, as well as the Trump administration’s willingness to follow their lead. Activities at the gathering include cultural, ceremonial, wild foods and extensive youth workshops. There will be field trips and educational presentations from tribal leaders, elders, and traditionalists as well as opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. A completecalendar of events and activities will be available soon at Please note that the Summer Gathering is by invitation only, and is not a public event. No vending, no alcohol or drugs, dogs, or off-road vehicles allowed. Please RSVP and/or send requests for additional invitations to, (801) 372-6438 The Summer Gathering is held in primitive area on Ute Mountain Ute reservation lands. Cell service is not available, and gas, groceries, and hotels are 20 miles away. Please bring camping gear (traditional or other), breakfast, lunch, water, chairs, firewood, and other items for camping. Group dinners will be provided, as will group meeting tent, primitive toilets, and first aid. A complete list of recommended items to bring and detailed directions can be found at .