Recruiting/Scouting Combine

Date: Mar 2, 2019

Where: Indoor Soccer Field, 100 N. McCormick, Oklahoma City, OK

About the Event:


Let’s Play Soccer (Indoor football Field); Oklahoma City; 100 N. McCormick, OKC

What:  Recruiting/Scouting Combine March 2nd 10-5); the focus is helping students find and secure a college, throughout the day the students and parents participate in multiple academic sessions about communication, recruiting process, 10 step college roadmap, financial aid, and college fair.

Where: 100 N. McCormick, Oklahoma City, OK

Why: Connect students; 2019 graduates and past graduates not enrolled in college to college opportunities.

Follow up: Students are assisted with the 10 step roadmap to college (Includes help with applying, assistance with financial aid, needs analysis, housing, etc.)

Sidenote***If students are unable to attend due to the transportation of schedule conflict we can still assist them in finding a college.

Please contact:

James Pryor

Intertribal Club Advisor

Native American Liaison

Eastern Arizona College