Northwest Regional COVID-19 Convening

Date: Mar 10, 2021

Where: Virtual Event - 6 pm EST

About the Event:


?       In December 2020, NCAI President Fawn Sharp created the COVID-19 Task Force to address: (1) tribal COVID-19 relief needs; (2) tribal COVID-19 recovery needs; and (3) the chronic conditions that created the public health and economic conditions that made tribal nations and citizens vulnerable to this crisis.

?      The current membership of the COVID-19 Task Force is intended to have representation from all parts of Indian Country because we know that while some of our issues are similar, this pandemic has impacted us all in unique ways.

?     The membership also includes critical organizations that are subject matter experts in their respected space. Organizations like:

?     The National Indian Health Board;

?     The Native American Finance Officers Association;

?      The National Council of Urban Indian Health; and

?     United South and Eastern Tribes (USET)

Coordination Contact: Bernida Humetewa, Director of Tribal Outreach,