National Tribal Leadership Climate Change Summit >> Virtual Session III: Empowering Indigenous Youth

Date: Apr 1, 2021

Where: Virtual Event - 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. CDT

About the Event:

Virtual Session III will provide a forum to discuss the important role Indigenous youth can and should play in broader  efforts of the climate movement. The aim is to both inspire youth advocacy, provide empowering information through a panel discussion on what works in youth advocacy, and share ways to build programs to introduce youth to culture and traditions. The aim is to invest in our Indigenous youth now as a forward-looking strategy for effecting long-term change.
This session is free to attend, but you must register.
Note: Although this is a virtual session, participants may call into the session if they do not have internet access.
More event details can be found on the meeting agenda.
>> Learn what works in Indigenous youth advocacy.
>> Share successes on building programs that introduce youth to culture and traditions – learning through examples.
>> Learn for youth who have gone through climate internships and training programs: what they learned, how they put that information to use, where are they now.
>> Create a resource list of organizations and communities doing good work in the youth advocacy realm.
>> Make case for funding and re-funding programs to build youth capacity.
>> Use in-ward facing Youth-only event for training, skills development, networking, ongoing dialogue.
>> 3-hour online session using Zoom Webinar
>> Keynote address
>> Panel discussions with leaders on 4 topic areas
>> Tribal leaders, Indigenous youth, students (including tribal colleges)
>> Native Youth-led and serving organizations and programs
>> Participants from the previous two Climate Policy Summits
More event details and a list of guest speakers will be announced soon. 
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