New Financial Education Tool Kit and Native Financial Education Coalition Effort

Published on Apr 16, 2013

Expanded Native Financial Education Initiative beginning in April 2013, Financial Literacy Month  

Washington, DC - In recognition of National Financial Literacy Month in April, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) is announcing the expansion of its Native Financial Education Initiative, including support of the Native Financial Education Coalition (NFEC) and targeting education activities with tribes across Indian Country. The announcement comes during Financial Literacy Month, established in 2004 to teach the general public practical financial skills and distribute useful financial tools. NCAI’s expanded financial education efforts are focused on strengthening financial education in Indian Country. 

“April is a time to bring a spotlight on the promising practices of tribes and Native organizations working to build financial capability in Native communities.   We are learning through the partners of NFEC about exciting efforts in Indian Country.  However, we all realize that more financial education must happen.  Forty-two percent of our population is under the age of 25.  More can always be done to help Native youth be financially successful.  We encourage all of Indian Country to join these efforts as we celebrate National Financial Literacy Month this April,” said Sherry Salway Black Director of NCAI’s Partnership for Tribal Governance. “The NFEC efforts moving forward will help bring together Indian Country and share best practices for advancing our individual and institutional financial capabilities.”

The NFEC, originally started in 2000 through a Treasury Department initiative, is now being re-established initially as part of NCAI’s

Financial Education Initiative and with support and participation from partners. The NFEC is a working group of partners recognizing, expanding and enhancing the financial capability in Native communities. Partner organizations include tribes, tribal organizations, national, regional, local Native and non-Native organizations, financial institutions, federal agencies, and others interested in Native financial education.

During April, key activities of the Coalition will be to identify the many federal agency financial education activities, distribute a financial toolkit for tribal leaders, identify local events at the tribal and Native community level, identify best/promising practices, and engage tribal leaders. NFEC will provide updates throughout the month of April about local tribal centric events and trainings to foster community involvement.

NCAI’s Native Financial Education Initiative provides information for tribes and their citizens to enhance financial capabilities in Indian Country - including the work of the Native Financial Education Coalition, Financial Literacy Month (April), and NCAI's Protect Native Money Campaign and Tribal Exchange Stock Market Game. NCAI launched the “Protect Native Money” campaign in September 2012 following a number of large financial settlements in Indian Country to increase consumer financial protection in Indian Country.

More about NFEC and NCAI’s Native Financial Education initiative can be found at:

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