Celebrating and Honoring the Dedication and Commitment of Veterans

Published on Nov 11, 2013

On this day the National Congress of American Indians joins the nation in celebrating and honoring the dedication and commitment of veterans who have been there for us, standing guard and defending our freedom and well-being. 

Most American Indian and Alaska Native veterans who have survived conflicts around the world and in peacetime to support their respective branches of military service often come back and achieve success in their daily lives.  Unfortunately, there are those veterans who return to a stark reality of difficulty in finding adequate housing, employment and much needed health care.

There is commonality among these outstanding Americans whom we see every day that they do not seek extraordinary treatment even though deserved.  NCAI wishes to express to veterans and their families that we sincerely acknowledge our deepest gratitude to all veterans of this nation.  We also recommit our effort in pursuit and advocacy on behalf of veterans and call upon those in decision-making positions in the Congress and the Administration to prioritize programs and policies which will ensure that homelessness among veterans will be eradicated; that state of the art health care will be available near tribal and non-tribal communities; and that job training and placement will be provided to all those seeking employment.  

It is not the least we can do as we can never do enough.  We hope that all citizens of this nation will stand with us this day and renew their commitment on behalf of those who have given their best, who have sacrificed life and limb, without question.

To all veterans, thank you for your service, honor and dignity.  


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