Indigenous Peoples Attend Prime Minister Trudeau State Visit

Published on Mar 10, 2016

Press Release: Indigenous Peoples Attend Prime Minister Trudeau State Visit

 Washington, DC Today on March 10th, Indigenous peoples from Canada and the United States gather with other distinguished guests at The White House South Lawn to welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada. The Prime Minister, who was elected and supported by a large number of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, will meet with President Obama, who many tribes say has been the best US President for Indian Country. It is a historic moment to have these world leaders together, with their experience and tremendous support for Indigenous peoples, as they tackle some of the challenges that face our Indigenous communities.

There are critical issues from both nations that Indigenous peoples care about such as climate change, mental well-being, education of our youth, and languages. It is anticipated that climate change is on the agenda of topics to be discussed at today’s events. The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) President Brian Cladoosby remarks, “Our Indigenous communities have felt a direct impact from climate change. Including Indigenous voices, with our irreplaceable practices and perspectives, will only strengthen the power of the effort. Climate change is here now, the time for action is also right here, right now.” 

Further, many American Indian and Alaska Natives tribes share boundaries, waterways, hunting grounds, and natural resources with Canada. The health of our rivers, streams, and ecosystems are paramount to Indigenous peoples on both sides of the border, especially those who rely on our traditional and customary ways of life.  It is imperative that the U.S., Canada, American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments, and Canadian First Nations work together to collectively solve these issues.

NCAI applauds the recognition for the needs of Indigenous science and knowledge as well as inclusion of our communities addressing adaptations, while still retaining our cultural, languages, and values. We will be sharing today’s events through our Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.  


About The National Congress of American Indians:
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