NCAI Youth Commission

Ready to be a driving force for Native Youth advocacy?

The NCAI Youth Commission is looking for a dedicated Co-Vice President to join our team! 

Join the NCAI Youth Commission!

The NCAI Youth Commission empowers tribal youth to stand together and create solutions to the unique challenges facing their communities.

What You'll Do as a Co-Vice President:

  • Fill in for Co-Presidents when needed.
  • Help shape agendas for Youth Commission meetings.
  • Actively participate at all NCAI conferences.
  • Collaborate to create a unified community among tribal youth.


Application Deadline: October 2, 2023

NCAI works to ensure that Tribal Youth thrive by equipping tribal leaders with the resources necessary to support the young people in their communities and by providing young leaders with the tools needed to be successful in their endeavors.


We, the National Congress of American Indian Youth, unite to serve our peoples concerns and interests by enhancing the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being of tribal youth for a better Native America.

Download By-Laws 
(Amended & Ratified 2022)